Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots of Boy Stuff

There has been lots of boy stuff going on around here lately–shocker, I know. We had a nice relaxing Father's Day, one of our four tadpoles turned into a little frog and the boys have been soaking up the summer playing in the pool each afternoon. I've been trying my best to fill the summer with educational and fun activities. I think I might be having more fun than they are!

Marc is such a wonderful Father. Anderson and Grey both adore him. They are always laughing together, rolling on the floor, reading, or playing pretend. I'm am such a lucky woman.

A few pool shots

These are our tadpoles. Grey spent a lot of time giving them each a name. Their names are Baby, Suzie, Mr. Foo Foo, and Teddy Bear. Not sure which one made the transition first but when we arrived home from Mother's Morning Out today we had a baby frog! It is so cute. It really is amazing how fast it happens. Yesterday he sprouted arms and today he was on the a rock with no tail. Weird!

remaining tadpoles

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  1. You are such a wonderful Mom, Court. I will definitely be calling you for some boy advice!