Monday, June 1, 2009

What am I doing?

Ok, so I have NO IDEA what I'm doing but I'll give it my best shot! Please be patient with my lack of blogger style. I promise I'll find a cutsy background soon.

After months of posting my children's every move on Facebook, I've decided to start our very own blog. This way if people are truly interested they can check us out here instead of being forced through the news feed on Facebook.

The past weekend was the annual Threatt Family Fish Fry so we headed down to Eufaula for some fun in the sun. It was pretty exhausting to say the least. I can't imagine how tired we will be next year with two running around!

Pool on Saturday morning.

Family Fish Fry at T's on Saturday afternoon.
My Daddy and MaMa.

My Granddaddy loves Elvis.

Grey's first ride back in the pasture. He's such a city boy with his beach bums shirt!

This is my favorite picture from the whole day. He was SO dirty. I had to literally scrub him clean when we got home.


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